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Speculative Cartographies is an exhibition of studio research undertaken in five mass grave sites in Eastern Poland, identified by the Zapomniane Foundation.Present in the exhibition are archival materials and experimental cartographic methodologies undertaken in the forests where data has indicated the approximate locations of these mass graves. Direct excavation is prohibited by Jewish Halacha (religious law), therefore all data about these sites are collected using non-invasive technologies such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), along with archival research and oral histories.

Speculative cartographies is an art project dedicated to drawing out knowledge archived in landscape. Working with different ways of mapping that use data produced by non-invasive archeological tools, as well as traditional archives and subjective maps drawn from local oral histories, the works in this exhibition all engage in alternative approaches to memorialization.


Material traces of violence recorded in the landscape simultaneously reveal connections between human conflicts and transformations of the natural environment.

Virtual Exhibitions:

NOV 5TH 2020

7:00 PM AST

Virtual Artists Talk

Angela Henderson, Solomon Nagler, Kayla Rudderham, Aleksandra Janus and Aleksander Schwarz.

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Curation: Kayla Rudderham              
Design: Alexia Mitchell

Five Non-Sites of Memory

Angela Henderson

Materials: Oak

3D rendering and Model Technician:

Mohammad Hossein Khodabakhsh


Solomon Nagler

Materials: Celluloid, Forest Flora

First Person Film Map

Aleksandra Janus and Aleksander Schwarz

Materials: Handprocessed 16 mm Celluloid Film

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Public Exhibition

November 2nd - 9th 2020

Halifax Central Library

Speculative Cartographies

Mapping Five Mass Graves in the Forests of Eastern Poland

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