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Against Communal Amnesia

 Tehran, Iran

Against Communal Amnesia" is a counter-monument for organized crimes committed by the Islamic government in my country, Iran, after the 1979 revolution. Ambiguous 3D models are made from the history of Google Earth images of the crime scene from the time of the crime to 2020 through a glitchy digital process. The objects are combined with the real image of the crime scenes to tell the story of the land, and to cause viewers question and curiosity. My images are a stimulus for people to remember, a warrior to resist amnesia, and anyone who calls for amnesia.



Hossein Khodabakhsh is an Iranian photographer and artist born in 1989. He has been interested in documentary photography for most of his career but recently he is working on Digital Media too, mostly to create counter-monuments. Digital manipulation and interpretation are now in his focus in the context of photography. His recent works are augmented reality counter-monuments. The main idea of his works is to be awakening for viewers’ memory and brain.

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