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Meet And Greet: Nevada Christianson, Métis Now: Elders, Artists, and Activists.

November 26, 2022

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Wonder'neath Art Society, Maynard Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

In Person Only

In September 2021, I was honoured to receive the Métis Nation of British Columbia (MNBC) Nakaatchihtow grant. The grant allowed me to develop an idea to create a series of Métis portraits that would honour Elders, support artists, celebrate activists and inspire youth to connect with their culture and community.

Nevada Christianson

An interdisciplinary artist, my work primarily incorporates digital art and printmaking, and my studies in creative writing allow me to provide further context on creative projects. 

Formerly a fine art painter, my creative practice explored specific themes (eastern philosophy, plant medicine, reverence for nature), but now my work is largely defined by a commitment to examine issues relating to Indigenous sovereignty, as well as social and climate justice. An activist at heart, I aim to evolve and leverage my creative practice to serve as a conduit for change. 

Suitably, digital art and printmaking are art forms that facilitate activism. The bright, bold nature of the mediums combined with the ability to create multiples and collaborate with professionals, academics and creatives alike, shapes my work and enables me to explore topics I find relevant and meaningful. As a Métis woman, a significant component of my work aims to support the Métis community and strengthen Métis culture.

Portraits: Amanda Spotted Fawn Strong, Moe Clark, Jana Schulz - Digital Art Portraits 2022

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